Aluminium Brass Product, Stainless Steel Product, Mumbai, India

Alu. Anodised Embossed-Diamond Cut Labels
Anodised Etched Name Plates/ Labels
Anodised Offset Printed Labels/ Dials
Brass Etched Labels/ Dials
Stainless Steel Etched Labels/ Plates
Alu. Anodised Engraved Labels/ Panels
Anodised Name Plates/Labels
Different Types of Badges
Special Brass Gift Items / Trophies / Logo, etc
Special created Items in Brass
Cut Letters in Brass and Stainless Steel
Alu.Ano. Multi-colour Weatherproof Labels
Corporate Name Boards with Glass, Letters
Wire Cut Powder Coated Logos / Letters
Laser Engraved Plates
Heavy Duty Hangers
Acrylic Laser Engraved Plates
S.S. Etched Plates/Boards
Copper Name Plates
Hotel Brass Key Tags

Manufacturer of Aluminium Brass and Stainless Steel Product

Aluminium Brass and Stainless steel are mainly and in the manufacture of products. Alu. is the most suitable metal for for purpose as besides being less expensive it has unlimited possibilities of being stamped, bent, pressed, embossed or machined.We can treat the surface of Metal by polishing some chemicals and protecting the surfaces against corrosion by Anodising or Lacquering
Various types of finishes are available to suit individual client requirement.